About Locate Australian

Locate Australian is an on line directory designed to help Australians locate and buy Australian products. Many Australians, when given a choice, would choose Australian produce, made or grown in Australia by an Australian business or company over and above another product; even if it cost a little more.

Locate Australian has come from a desire to buy Australian but a lack of time to read the labels and make an informed choice.

Locate Australian is an easy to use, 3 step directory to help Australians support our Australian producers and manufacturers.

Each item listed is labeled with one, two or three tags. The producers who list their products on the directory indicate if their product is: Australian produce (grown or produced from Australian ingredients), Australian manufactured (made in Australia) and Australian owned (an Australian business or company). Some products may have just one tag, some will have all three.

3 tags = 100% Australian

Note: the tags are a guide only and are labeled according to the information supplied to Locate Australian by the producer.

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Do you believe Australian products are adequately labeled to indicate Australian ownership, Australian products, Australian manufacturing?