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Fire Devil SticksFire Devil Sticks

Fire Devil Sticks

Weirder The Better
Shop 11, 1-13 katoomba street
Contact Person: Graham Pinning
Phone: 0247829806
Fax: 0247825963
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This fire devil stick is 650mm long and has two 65mm American kevlar wick on each end which provides adequate fire.

It comes wrapped with grip tape for maximum control (black and silver) and silicon handles that don’t burn!

The wicks are fastened to a thin aluminium tube with sealed ends, minimizing deterioration when dropped.

This little devilstick is snappy and a delight to play with.

Not for beginners, learn all of your tricks and be comfortable with them before using fire.

Made in Australia by Australians.

Sold in a sealed bag with sticks.

Available from:: $55.00
Mostly Australian Made
100% Australian Owned
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