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Aliceisback is a global online marketplace for independent fashion & lifestyle designers. Discover our curated list of the latest and most exciting labels for men and women.

Source unique products that are ethical and sustainable and support independent brands driven by creativity, design vision and social consciousness. In a world where fast fashion dominates, Aliceisback is the online shop for customers looking for hard-to-find gems, slow fashion, emerging designers, customisable products, made-to-order products and non-mass-produced design.

For independent designers, Aliceisback is a way to connect to a worldwide customer base and to increase brand awareness through our marketing initiatives such as fashion runway shows, editorial campaigns, influencer campaigns, social media marketing etc. We represent designers worldwide across a range of products including designer clothing for men, designer clothing for women, handbags and bag accessories, ladies and gents shoes, beauty products, jewellery, accessories , home décor, lifestyle products, gifts and more.

Available from:: https://aliceisback.com
100% Australian Made
100% Australian Owned
100% Australian Produce
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